Huson International Media

Services for Media Owners

Services for Media Owners


We have been representing media owners for over 30 years and know what it takes to quickly learn and become experts on their publications and digital media. We work in diverse sectors across technology, business, finance, consumer, travel/tourism, and other B2B and B2C markets.


With two offices located in North America (California and New Jersey), we are well situated to work with clients across North America.



We regularly conduct various marketing activities, such as sending out mailings and e-mail blasts on special announcements, newsletters, online updates on our extensive website, attendance at various tradeshows, events, dinners, print and online advertising. In addition to the PR and marketing you may already conduct in-house, you can receive added promotions in our territories within our effective marketing projects.



With various canvassing efforts such as subscribing to similar local publications in our territories, attending tradeshows and studying ad spend reports, we have constantly been adding to and updating our databases of potential global and local advertisers. We would be able to quickly and effectively get your media in front of all relevant prospects from the thousands of contacts in our databases.


Domestic US Representation

With offices in both New Jersey and California, we are very capable of managing sales for domestic US media. We are interested to learn about your objectives, and discuss how to meet your sales goals.


An Established Partner

We celebrated our 30th year anniversary in September 2018. We continue to work with quality media partners and also to uphold what we have practiced throughout our 30+ years - we listen to our clients and help them achieve their international marketing goals through excellent customer service and effective media solutions.


For Advertisers

We represent hundreds of titles in more than 25 countries. Whether you are targeting two countries or twelve, you can manage your advertising plan via a single Huson contact. Our audiences range from IT Directors, Design Engineers, CEOs, frequent flyers, PC users, to affluent consumers.

Advertising options include print, digital, lead-generation campaigns and custom events.