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Services for Advertisers

Services for Advertisers


More than 200 magazines and newspapers from over 25 countries in sectors such as tech, business, financial, travel, and fashion.



More than 200 websites from leading media publishers across the world in sectors such as tech, business, financial, travel, and fashion.



Most of our publisher partners around the world have edm lists and they will carry out email blasts and email newsletters. Check with us for more details country-by country.


Lead generation

We can put together a lead generation program for you in most countries, bearing in mind country and cultural limitations. In some countries EDM will be the best route, in others it will be webinars, and in some markets events are the best way to generate leads. White Paper hosting can be achieved in most markets.



Almost all of our partners are expert in arranging focused events from round tables to seminars, all of which are excellent lead-generating tools.



Tremendous vehicles for quality lead generation in a wide variety of B2B sectors and markets.



Let us know what you need, and we may be able to commission tailored research for you in specific markets worldwide from experts in their local market. Additionally, many of our partners have access to the in-country independent syndicated research studies which we can access at no cost to you.



In partnership with our in-country localization experts, we can assist you in creating local-language White Papers and other e-learning documents, web seminars, customer newsletters etc. Just ask us for a quote based on your needs.


For Media Owners

With two sales offices in North America (California and New Jersey), we offer media owners expert representation with the benefits of local market intelligence, local time zone and language communications, the ability to schedule face-to-face meetings, and effective marketing efforts in our territories.