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Women who read Brigitte have high standards. In every issue, the readers expect to find information that is not only entertaining and reliable, but also highly practical. These standards apply to our sections on fashion and cosmetics, culture and social topics, as well as psychology.

Brigitte invites its readers to empathise with the feelings of others. The magazine also reminds women to pamper themselves now and then, while also inspiring readers to take the initiative – and to be assertive. Brigitte repeatedly meets these expectations in surprising and colourful ways. Brigitte's strengths include the largest editorial team among the German women's magazines, a reader's service that answers up to 500 requests per day, the biggest women's website in Germany, and more than 50 years of experience and tradition.

Naturally, Brigitte's high standards also apply to the two other magazines from the Brigitte magazine family: Brigitte Woman and Brigitte Balance. Brigitte Woman is the magazine for successful women aged 40 and over, who use their experience, humour and intelligence to continuously discover new aspects of life. Brigitte Balance is a richly informative magazine for modern women struggling to keep many different balls in the air at the same time while still keeping their balance.


DIGITAL is the most successful presence of a German women's magazine on the Internet. At women find information on all subjects that interest them: fashion, cosmetics, society, psychology, politics, job, pleasure, health and nutrition. informs and entertains with texts, tests, videos and games. The users can exchange information with like-minded persons in a large community, at No Problem! they find quick solutions for their problems. The facilities are rounded off by the attractive shop section on This unique combination of information, entertainment and advice at brigitte's usual superior level means a growing community of fans.

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Brigitte has a wide readership of German women, with above average education and income, between the ages of 20 and 59.

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