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Courage, wit, life experience and self-esteem – this is the fabric with which the topics covered by BRIGITTE WOMAN are woven. Adult women rediscover themselves and the world, and are prepared to veer off the beaten track to realise their dreams. There's no better time than now!

BRIGITTE WOMAN readers are bon vivants, enjoy beautiful things and unusual trips, and perceive having time for themselves as pure luxury. Luxury that they not only treat themselves to but can also easily afford. They have high standards in terms of information and services as well as visual design and selection of topics. Expectations which, by drawing on the experience and expertise of the BRIGITTE WOMAN editorial team, we are able to meet in every issue – and it is always a pleasure.


DIGTAL is the new website for German women aged 40 and over. Users have not only age in common, but primarily their attitude to life: They are open-minded, curious and particularly active. And they are always on the lookout for that special tip, that first-class address, a good product. Women over 40 know what is good for them and want to share that knowledge with others. This need is taken up by with the tool "The Best". Because that is where women can pass on their recommendations.

The "Culture Planner" helps women to plan their own leisure time. The editorial format - "The Decision" - enables women to share their experiences with others. In addition, the link to the social network Bfriends provides women with the perfect platform for communicating with each other both on- and offline and for proactively planning their lives. is spaciously laid out, clearly categorised and features emotional pictorial language. The focus is on topics of culture, travel and beauty. The site offers high-quality editorial content. therefore boasts a very special profile in the women's segment.

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Brigitte Woman is read by German women over 40 with discerning lifestyles, comfortable household incomes, and broad interests.

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