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Automazione e Strumentazione

Automazione e Strumentazione



Since 1953, Automazione e Strumentazione has been the leading magazine for Industrial Automation, Measurement and Instrumentation, Sensors, Process Control, Microelectronics for Automation and IT for manufacturing in Italy. Thanks to relevant collaborations with businesses, universities, R&D centers and associations, the content provides state-of-the-art information to the Italian industrial sector. The monthly magazine’s sections include Breaking News, Applications, Surveys and Scientific Analysis, as well as Product Reviews, Catalogues, and a Calendar of Events. The magazine also organizes meetings and round tables.


DIGITAL is the channel dedicated to the technologies and processes to get the best machinery and equipment, while improving the safety and quality of work. Automation is indeed a crucial factor for the increase in productivity required to manufacturing to compete in global markets. Market data, agreements and acquisitions, appointments, product news, articles, and in depth, exclusive interviews are the perfect complement to the content brought by the online versions of the magazines Automazione e Strumentazione, Automazione Oggi, Fieldbus & Networks and Soluzioni Software per l’Industria.

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Target Audience

Automazione e Strumentazione reaches managers, decision makers, technicians and designers in: industrial automation, measurement and instrumentation, sensors, process control, components for automation, industrial informatics, and microelectronics for automation.

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