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Australian IT, The

Australian IT, The


The Australian IT fronts The Australian's Tuesday coverage and is recognized as the industry leader, publishing the most extensive and up-to-date coverage of information technology.

The Australian IT is comprised of three sections, providing expert editorial and effective advertising opportunities for clients at every level within the IT industry:


    The Australian IT Today section is designed for IT professionals who make up its core readership. With a comprehensive mix of news, features and opinions, IT Today has enjoyed must-read status for more than 30 years.

    The Australian IT Business section is designed for business users of technology, CIOs, and Managing Directors trying to maximize return on IT investments. It examines how leading companies are harnessing the power of technology to make their organizations more efficient, more effective and more profitable. Almost every month, there are Special Reports providing incisive coverage of developments in a wide range of IT disciplines including storage, security, telecommunications, VOIP and business software.

    The Australian Exec Tech pinpoints readers who use personal digital technology at work, while still keeping them in touch with home and entertainment technology. The Exec Tech reader uses personal technology to make his or her life easier and more enjoyable, and to gain a cutting edge in the business world.


Clients such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, IBM and Toshiba all successfully reach our readers through our IT-sections.



Technology is Australia’s premier information technology news and information website, providing all the latest and up and coming information in technology and IT business.

At the forefront of technology change, the site attracts a high income, big spender audience that is confident with making purchases online. This audience are the decision makers, the IT professionals and the informed individual. They are a must reach audience for vendors, distributors and resellers of IT products.

Advertising on Technology ensures your message is heard by those who count. There are a number of targeted opportunities available in sections such as telecommunications, product reviews and our in-depth features.

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With its weekly triple section format, The Australian IT reaches everyone from the chief information officer considering a billion dollar, company-wide IT strategy to the technology consumer deciding which digital camera to purchase.

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