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ART is Europe's number one art magazine and the leader in its market segment. ART provides its readers with comprehensive and contemporary reports spanning a broad spectrum of topics. ART offers those with an interest in art a continually changing panoply of: Painting and plastics, Exhibitions, Architecture, Photography, People, Design, Video art, and Projects.

ART readers have above-average educations. 62% have completed their "A"-Levels or corresponding studies. 43% have upper occupations.Half belong to the uppermost socio-economic classes 1 and 2 (of a total 7). Every fifth ART reader enjoys a net monthly household income in excess of 4,000 euros. ART readers are cosmopolitan. Due to their broad horizon of interests they are considered to be innovators and trendsetters. Our readers number among the luxury- oriented consumers, and they are especially interested in travel, the art and culture scene, and regularly visit art and cultural events.



The three most important features of the new website are the daily up-to-the-minute news items on the homepage, the extensive exhibition search facility and the free archive of ART print issues for research.

The ART editors give daily reports on actual happenings in the art world and the ART correspondents present contemporary works of art and trends from the most important international art centres, and hold exclusive interviews with curators and artists.

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As well as loving art, Art readers enjoy superior socio-economic status, a high level of education and strong disposable incomes.

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