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Apertura is, according to IVC, the best-selling economics and business magazine in Argentina, leader in advertising and circulation. It is the magazine with the highest sales growth rate in Argentina and the one to which executives devote more reading time. It is also the local representative of BusinessWeek, the best-selling business and management magazine throughout the world.

Special Issues

Five additional issues devoted to the in-depth analysis of a specific subject:

POSGRADOS - Guide with more than 500 executive education options. The world of universities. And an exclusive ranking of master´s programs.

LA CITY - The financial system and its key players.

TARGET - 2 editions. Marketing and communication. The media and agency market. Consumption trends.

TECNO - State-of-the-art technology applied to business.


DIGITAL is a major business portal reaching senior executives and management.


Negocios - an insight to the men and women that have a leading role in the domestic and international markets. Detailed information about subjects ranging from the best case studies to the background of the latest M&As.

La city - legal matters have their exclusive place in Abogados de la City. Every week this section features a new law firm report. Characteristics and details, as well as interviews with its partners. The exclusive meeting point for the local and international legal community.

Target - marketing trends, the latest campaigns and advertisements. A section that reveals trends and shows the backstage of the campaigns that have everyone talking. Style, everything you need to know for the “after office” and to enjoy a good life. Tips to be in fashion, reports featuring the newest cars entering the market, books and much more.

Entrepreneurs - entrepreneurs go over the stories of their lives and reveal how they managed to make millions. They tell their best stories of success and failure. A section designed to capture the fascination and adrenaline of new projects.

Blogs - Online journalists, the possibility of learning through blogs and specific opinions. The views of APERTURA’s team.

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Target Audience

Apertura is an economics and business magazine reaching senior executives and management.

Magazine Circulation

26,000 print run



Website URL

Monthly Unique Visitors

20.3 million average (244 mil annually)

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