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Affärsvärlden is Sweden’s largest and most respected business magazine and one of the most important sources of economic analyses in Sweden.

The primary target group of the magazine is top corporate executives, investors and analysts in financial markets and managers making financial and economic decisions. Affärsvärlden means “Business World” in Swedish and that is what we cover.

DIGITAL is the leading business site for company managers, analysts, fund managers and private investors in Sweden. Visitors are principal decision-makers with leading positions in their companies. They are located in cities and in large towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants; they are highly educated and well paid. offers them the latest stock quotations, the latest news, and high-quality analysis of companies and industries. Advertising options include banners and a daily newsletter to 39,400 subscribers.

Represented in: US, Canada, Benelux





Target Audience

Affärsvärlden reaches top corporate executives, investors and analysts in financial markets.

Magazine Circulation



40x per year

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Monthly Pageviews

500,000 per week

Monthly Unique Visitors

100,000 per week

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