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Global Onboard Partners and Ryanair are now offering an exciting, innovative way to advertise through onboard media campaigns. Increase brand awareness by targeting a captive audience and positioning your brand and message onboard Ryanair’s network.

The Ryanair fleet includes 308, Boeing 737 aircraft. All areas described are provided to the advertiser to include in their campaign inside the aircraft cabin. Global Onboard Partners will provide electronic templates for your graphic designer to develop the creative artwork, or we are happy to complete the graphic imagery and campaign on your behalf. You simply provide the overall theme and desired message and our team will go to work to bring your message and brand to life.

Studies show that nearly 93% of all passengers who are presented with creative imagery during flight are easily able to recall the brand and message. This is an advertiser’s opportunity to reach the affluent business and leisure traveler by partnering with Global Onboard Partners and Ryanair to reach this highly sought after audience.


In-cabin Advertising Opportunities:

  • Tray Tables - displays a key message that grabs attention during each flight and at all times when the tray table is not being used.
  • Overhead Bins – creates an appealing message that can be created in any style or configuration - from the front to the back of the aircraft on each bin.

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Target Audience

Passengers of Ryanair, Europe's favorite low-cost carrier. Ryanair operates more than 1,800 daily flights from 76 bases, connecting 200 destinations in 31 countries.

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