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Global Onboard Partners and Frontier Airlines are now offering an exciting, innovative way to advertise through onboard media campaigns. Increase brand awareness by targeting a captive audience and positioning your brand and message onboard every plane throughout Frontier’s range of destinations from United States, Mexico to Dominican Republic.

With Global Onboard Partner’s new graphic technology, an advertiser is now able to brand the interior of the cabin using eye-popping graphic imagery and key messages that are in view to the passenger on average of 2.5 hours! No other venue provides this type of phenomenal impression time in an environment that is virtually free of day-to-day distractions that typically compete with your brand for the consumer’s attention.

Studies show that nearly 93% of all passengers who are presented with creative imagery during flight are easily able to recall the brand and message. This is an advertiser’s opportunity to reach the affluent business and leisure traveler by partnering with Global Onboard Partners and Frontier Airlines to reach this highly sought after audience.


Advertising Opportunities:

  • Aircraft Exteriors – the largest and most impressive branding opportunity we offer – a custom-designed wrap of Frontier’s aircraft. Plane wraps are ideal for product launches and for generating worldwide media attention.
  • Bulkheads – Passengers will view your message with prominent placement on our aircraft, not only as they board and de-plane but throughout the flight. Includes three bulkheads in the front of the aircraft cabin.
  • Overhead Bins – creates an appealing message that can be created in any style or configuration - from the front to the back of the aircraft on each bin.
  • Skyline Panels (Above Window Area) – place images and message above the window area that is seen as the passenger looks to the left or right and along the length of the cabin.
  • Tray Tables (top and bottom) - displays a key message that grabs attention during each flight and at all times when the tray table is not being used.

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Target Audience

Passengers of Frontier Airlines on over 270 daily flights to more than 60 destinations in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

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