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Cocina Mia, a special magazine for the readers of Mia, is the perfect magazine for people who enjoy cooking dishes both traditional and avant-garde. The magazine makes it easy to learn tricks, reinvent old recipes, and dazzle without spending a fortune. Cocina Mia helps readers discover the best accessories for the table and kitchen, new ingredients, exciting gastronomic tours, and restaurants. Cocina Mia is a practical guide that’s packed with flavor.


Mia’s related website is “Mujeres reales” means “real women”, and the site is targeted squarely at them. Not promoting the idea of being a “super woman”, or the unrealistic image of fashion models, is a community for Spanish women to share and read about the things that are important to them. In addition to the site, a weekly newsletter is also produced. Advertising options include banners, interstitials, premium custom headlines, and daily sponsorships.

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Adult female cooking enthusiasts in Spain

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