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GEO set standards for unmatched publishing quality. The magazine offers a vigorous and incomparable mixture of the power and magic of the photograph coupled with the indelible impact of meticulously researched articles. Offering a spectacular vision of the world and committed to its surroundings, GEO is an international brand known for its rigor, passion, and commitment to the environment. GEO reports comprehensively, vividly and accurately on a wide thematic spectrum: from science, research and technology, to culture, society, business and ecology. GEO covers events that push man to his limits: from Mount Everest to Antarctica. Editorials explore discoveries: in medicine, neural research, robotics and psychology. GEO addresses all of the topics that are on the agenda of today's global knowledge society.

DIGITAL compliments the print magazine with gorgeous photography and wide-ranging editorial within sections including: Trips and Expeditions, Photography, People and Culture, Nature, Science, and Green Living. Advertising options include Advertising options include banners, interstitials, premium custom headlines, daily sponsorships, and newsletters.

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