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Rayli Fushi Meirong (Fashion & Beauty)

Rayli Fushi Meirong (Fashion & Beauty)



The top beauty guide for fashionable women

Rayli Fushi Meirong ("Fashion & Beauty") is the leading high-quality women's magazine in China. In a unique combination, Rayli Fushi Meirong mixes Western fashion trends and traditional Asian fashion. The editorial team combines fashion and beauty products from renowned international brands into cutting-edge styles. In addition to clothing, accessories, and trends, the magazine completes the content with beauty and lifestyle topics.

Providing you with easy-to-learn skills about matching clothes, beauty, and life, making you more attractive, confident, and impressive.

Fashion: Immediately work pairing skills
The useful pairing tips dress you in the latest styles, and enable you to find the suitable one from diverse selections.

Beauty: Easy-to-learn beauty tips
Making it easy for you to choose among numerous beauty products and skills, improving your appearance with great ease.

Life: Easy-to-learn tips for healthy living
Evoking an impressive lifestyle inside out, making us your ideal companion.

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Target Audience

Rayli Fushi Meirong is the largest-selling fashion magazine in China.

Magazine Circulation

1.38 million



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Monthly Unique Visitors

29.1 million

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