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Emporium (Cathay Dragon)

Emporium (Cathay Dragon)



Emporium is the airline’s premium inflight shopping magazine. Published quarterly, it features a comprehensive range of inflight duty-free items and high-quality lifestyle products that are available for home delivery in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. The entire collection ranges from international brand-name cosmetics and fashion accessories to the finest wines and latest electronics. Fashion and lifestyle spreads also feature and so can your brand.


Additional Opportunities

StudioKA Inflight Entertainment

Cathay Dragon has the Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD) system on 65% of its fleet providing passengers with world class entertainment. It offers a wide variety of premier movie and TV programs on A321, A330 and selected A320 flights that have been equipped with the system.

Cathay Dragon’s entire fleet continue to be gradually upgraded with Wi-Fi streaming system. The Wi-Fi streaming system enables passengers to use their own devices to view the same inflight entertainment programs as shown on the AVOD system.

Represented in: US, Canada





Target Audience

Premium inflight shopping magazine inside seat pockets of Cathay Dragon flights.

Magazine Circulation

1,950,000 readership



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