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DSPs and FPGAs are complementary solutions for a vast array of high-performance signal processing applications. Because of their programmability and performance, together or separately, designers employ DSPs and FPGAs in systems ranging from wireless base stations and Gigabit Ethernet, to radar and embedded vision applications, industrial controls, and consumer electronics. At, we cover these technologies from the details of the latest IC designs, to the associated EDA and development tools, application kits and software, to provide engineers with the information they need to know to develop advanced signal processing systems.

An annual Resource Guide lists full- and half-page product profiles of products and resources available to designers and specifiers of DSP and FPGA-based systems.

Monthly DSP-FPGA Digest newsletter that covers DSP, FPGA, and EDA topics.

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Engineers, designers, and specifiers of DSP and FPGA-based systems.

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