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PC/104 and Small Form Factors

PC/104 and Small Form Factors



PC/104 and Small Form Factors is the authority on miniature building blocks in the embedded boards and systems industry. Our editorial content and product databases highlight the growing list of standards-backed and de facto modules for embedded designs, including PCI/104-Express, PCIe/104, SUMIT, COMIT, Pico-ITXe, and everything in between. We work with the PC/104 Consortium, SFF-SIG, and many other consortia and vendors to keep our readership of engineers informed about changing industry standards and to promote the development and use of small form factor products.

Editorial features cover the latest products and application ideas, analyses of system design considerations, exclusive executive Q&As, and a detailed look at issues surrounding the Intel Atom processor and other ultra-low-power CPUs and chipsets. Special issues include the Resource Guide and Buyer’s Guide. The magazine offers Executive Speakouts on industry trends, as well as featured white papers in quarterly E-letters. PC/104 and Small Form Factors provides substantial coverage of the latest developments in modular embedded design.

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