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Military Embedded Systems



Military Embedded Systems magazine focuses on “Whole Life COTS” and the total military program life cycle, providing technical coverage that applies to all program stages – not just the front-end design stage. The website, Resource Guide, Internet editions, and print editions provide insight on embedded tools and strategies such as software, hardware, systems, technology insertion, end-of-life mitigation, component storage, and many other military-specific technical subjects.

Coverage includes the latest, most innovative products and technology shifts that drive today’s military embedded applications, such as SDR, sonar, avionics, radar, telemetry, C4ISR, imaging, and more. Each issue provides readers with the information they need to stay connected to the pulse of embedded technology that already is – or might possibly be – used by the military and aerospace industries.

Military Embedded Systems is the industry’s largest producer of E-casts, white papers, email campaigns, E-letters, and Virtual Events.

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Military Embedded Systems reaches prime defense contractors, Army/Navy/Air Force/Government labs, defense electronics & subsystems manufacturers, and Government & Homeland Security.

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