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With its unique concept which covers the whole packaging production chain, Pack is different from the other magazines of its segment because it provides a deeper and global technical and marketing contents. This is evidenced by its partnership with the American magazine Packaging World, one of the world’s most influent publications in this field.

Pack’s editorial board is formed by key professionals of the packaging and retail industries, and its readers are professionals of the consumption good industry, packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers, and raw material producers, in addition to people interested in design and marketing.

Pack is a business magazine which keeps the pace with every development in the field, from machinery up to design, technology, products, trends and forefront.

In addition to articles, special matters, interviews and fixed sections, Pack also publishes technical articles and helps its advertisers to close very good business.


DIGITAL gives daily news about the industry and includes contents of Pack issues, page by page. 41% of Pack's readers have already purchased products or contracted services disclosed on

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Buyers and decision-makers in the Brazilian packaging market.

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