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Installations Nyt is the major source of information for electricians, consultants, and designers within the field of electric installations providing news about new products and in-depth articles concerning new technology and products, installation and test equipment, tools and machines.



ELFOKUS gives you a quick and relevant overview of all news inside power electronics and installations. Further: ELFOKUS is the platform on which highly competent editorials have gathered best articles and the latest knowledge in the field.

ELFOKUS originates from the two TechMedia magazines: “Elteknik” and “Installations Nyt”. It’s the editors of these magazines who are behind the updates and the two weekly newsletters.

ELFOKUS is the new version of the former with a wider coverage and still with the well-known integrity and professionalism.

Represented in: US, Canada, Benelux, France, UK





Target Audience

Electricians, engineers and designers within the field of electric installations.

Magazine Circulation

3,647 (+1755 online)


11x per year

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