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TV Grandes Chaînes

TV Grandes Chaînes


The only television magazine to provide TV programming of France’s six free terrestrial channels (90% of the country’s total viewing time) on a fortnightly frequency for an unbeatable price. Prisma Presse is the only publisher to have tailored its television program offer to this unprecedented target group - 1 million copies sold less than 1 year after launch. Since 70% of the French population only has access to the six free terrestrial TV channels (received via rooftop antenna), TV Grandes Chaines focuses only on information linked to those channels. Following the "less is more" motto, there is room for larger graphics, a clearer editorial layout and more in-depth reviews with personalized angles. There is an entertainment section in TV Grandes Chaines, as in Prisma Presse’s other television magazines, which features articles on current events and popular personalities related to TV and the media, along with recurring in-depth columns on tourism and cuisine.

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Target Audience

TV Grandes chaînes reaches consumers of French broadcast television.

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