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STERN is a print medium of the highest social reputation and is read by almost eight million Germans every week. It is older than the Federal Republic itself and better known than most brands in Germany. In today's society, people are inundated with information. They do not need even more facts and figures thrown at them, but rather a guide to understanding them. STERN offers its readers orientation by highlighting the most important news of the times. STERN not only presents an unemotional analysis of current affairs, but above all shows the human angle behind the news. STERN offers practical advice to help make every-day decisions. STERN is as authentic as life itself, with topics ranging from business and politics, multimedia and cars to travel, fashion and lifestyle. STERN is famous for its visual strengths. STERNs art director and his team create striking layouts and allow plenty of room for exciting photography.

Market leader: STERN offers quantity and quality at the same time. With 7.9 million readers each week, STERN is by far the most widely read weekly magazine. Its readers are leading lights in German society.

Highest overall coverage: STERN is the most widely-read of the three newsweeklies in Germany, attracting 1.89 million more readers than Spiegel and 2.87 million more than Focus.

Opinion leaders: STERN draws half of its readership from the leading echelons of society. It is miles ahead of its competition in the most affluent and influential target groups.

Top performers in modern society: STERN readers are predominantly at home in the so-called "leading milieus" of German society – the 16.5 million adults who enjoy a higher socio-economic status, as well as a dynamic and proactive outlook on life.

Financial decision makers: STERN is the perfect medium for reaching professional target groups. For example, the 6.6 million adults with decision making authority for investments on behalf of their companies.



Always up-to-date, makes news from all spheres of life, from politics to sport to entertainment easily understandable and accessible. is oriented to all those who wish not only to be kept informed about the latest topics, but also to understand the significance for their own lives. With roughly 600 new photos every day, it is the most pictorial journalistic offer on the German-speaking internet. The fascinating pictures, which are accompanied by videos, allow readers to get close to daily events across the world. The large number of web-TV formats are unique in their journalistic form of relating the news. As a result, reading, seeing and understanding are all one at

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Whatever the target group, from frequent flyers and computer users to Germans planning to buy investment funds, Stern has the highest target group coverage of Germany's three newsweeklies.

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