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Power Unlimited


For over 15 years, Power Unlimited has published everything there is to know about games. During this period it has become an authority in the field of game magazines. Readers receive monthly up-to-date information about the latest and upcoming games, along with game-related hardware for all platforms. Based on reviews and purchase advice, the magazine provides readers a glimpse behind the scenes of the gaming biz. As a result, both casual and hardcore gamers get the information they need. Power Unlimited is more than just games alone. The editors are now celebrities in their target group, sign autographs at parties and can regularly be seen on TV. The Power Unlimited Gameplay is now a three-day games event with over 31.000 visitors.


DIGITAL reaches young people who experience gaming as a hobby or as a lifestyle. It offers critical and humorous information on games for all platforms.

Represented In: US, Canada, Europe (except Belgium, Netherlands)





Target Audience

Young people in the Netherlands for which gaming is a hobby or even a lifestyle, who are looking for information provided in such a way that it ties in with their experiences

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