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P.M. provides new knowledge and gives answers to the major questions of our day. P.M. provides orientation on all areas of knowledge and makes complex interrelationships comprehensible. P.M. provides fascination in the continuum of past – present – future.
P.M. surprises and inspires the reader to think further and to speak his mind. The readers of P.M. want to be surprised and given intelligent entertainment. They are astonished over the clarity that exists in complex interrelationships and applaud P.M.'s courage in questioning universally accepted findings. They are highly interested in scientific and technological subjects, new developments, and the trends of the future.


DIGITAL brings the world of knowledge to the internet. In the process, the user profits not only from the content but also from the authority of the print editorial office and the considerable P.M. BesserWissen (Know- it-All) community in which users have already posed and answered tens of thousands of exciting questions.

The internet presentation also offers magazine readers a complementing multi-media and interactive component. Apart from leading topics from the current issues of all P.M. titles, there are also knowledge videos, news, blogs, forums, online quizzes, podcasts and prize games to discover. In addition, the Auto & Verkehr (Automobile & Transport) column offers topical and valuable information from the motoring world. And in line with the P.M. Trainer series, the P.M. Training Center is also waiting, with a selection of mobile and browser games. Furthermore, various newsletters provide regular information on the latest news, magazines, special features and prize games.

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Germans aged between 20 and 49, well educated, higher income. P.M. readers are often employed in management, information technology, medicine, engineering and the natural sciences.

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