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PCM has been a leading magazine in the Netherlands for over 25 years. Each month PCM is packed with the latest news, practical information that can be put to use immediately, along with handy tips & tricks and clever workshops. But the core of PCM still consists of extensive product tests in the areas of hardware, software, the Internet and networks. Studies show that our readers attach great importance to the reliable, thorough tests in PCM. For the readers, these tests therefore often form the starting point for buying specific products. That is why, in comparison tests, we discuss all the products in specific categories, examine all facets of a particular product with a deliberately critical eye. That is also the reason that each test always produces two winners: the PCM Best Product (for best quality) and the PCM Best Choice (for the best price-quality ratio).


DIGITAL reaches enthusiastic and experienced computer users. It offers complete and thorough information on computers, terminal equipment and the practical applications in a well-considered, critical manner. Newsletter daily (6,000), weekly (7,000)

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Enthusiastic, advanced computer users in the Netherlands who are looking for reliable, in-depth information about PCs, related equipment and applications for both business and personal use.

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