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Ny Teknik is Sweden's largest technology and IT newspaper. For the past 40 years, Ny Teknik has written about technological developments and new trends which affect trade and industry. Today, Ny Teknik covers the latest news, trends and innovations as well as newly established companies, which might become tomorrow's giants. The publication is at the forefront of developments within expanding sectors such as IT, telecom, energy and biotechnology as well as coverage of how new technology can be used within industry.

Advertising in Ny Teknik is a good move if you want to reach decision-makers within the trade and industry in Sweden Our readers are Managing Directors, IT Managers, Technical Managers, Project Managers, and Design Engineers.


DIGITAL is Sweden’s leading news site for technological developments within IT, telecom, energy, environmental technology, cars, planes and everything else that powers the development of industry and society. Rapid news from around the world is complemented with an extensive archive containing the complete reporting history of the newspaper. The news site is required reading for all engineers and anyone interested in technology. Advertise on and reach highly educated decision-makers in Sweden’s business sphere. Advertising options include banners and newsletters.

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Technical executives and IT decision makers in Swedish business.

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