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National Geographic Germany


Climate change, sustainability, foreign countries and exciting expeditions are the focus of the topics in National Geographic Germany. The authentic, well-founded and entertaining reports capture the interest and fascination of 1.27 million readers each month.* Many of National Geographic's authors and photographs have won awards. National Geographic has an eye for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Since the National Geographic Society was founded in 1888, scientific research and the preservation of our planet have been at the heart of its activities.

The philosophy of the magazine with the yellow border is to make people more aware of their natural surroundings. National Geographic shows us the beauty of our cultural diversity, natural resources and treasures, but also the threats they face. The reports and research projects draw the readers' attention to the most crucial topics of the 21st century.

*Source: AWA 2009



Generations associate National Geographic with a pioneering spirit and a cosmopolitan attitude. National Geographic has been appearing in Germany since 1999 and has won the hearts of a large readership. National Geographic Germany brings gripping and authentic reports about exciting expeditions, scientific adventures and research discoveries. complements the print title by providing in-depth follow-up to the reports and rigorously maintains the high quality. This creates a first-class setting for your cross-media communication.

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The average age of the readers of National Geographic Germany is 47 years* and they dispose of an average net monthly household income of over € 3,000*. 46% of them have the highest socioeconomic status (GWS status 1.2)*. With a 60% share of subscribers, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND reaches a unique readership every month. (*Source: AWA 2009)

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