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MB provides its readers with information on home electronics and information technology. The magazine tests and compares the most interesting products, reports the latest technical innovations and follows the industry services in a way that allows the reader to stay at the cutting edge of a rapidly advancing industry. The reader of MB is a well-informed maker of sensible purchasing decisions. With the help of the magazine, the reader reaps the best benefits out of information technology and home electronics.

MB is guaranteed to efficiently reach those interested in the most recent technology. Our typical reader has more-than-average purchasing power and is willing to use that power. The magazine’s message is far-reaching: each copy is read by an average of 3 readers, and word on its content has an even wider reach. Advertisements are read and considered a relevant part of the magazine’s content.


DIGITAL is Finland's largest website devoted to new technology. Users combine an enthusiasm for new gadgets with a desire to be the first to use them. The visitors often purchase their entertainment electronics online and search the web for information on new products and how to get the most out of them. An electronic weekly newsletter (Pulloposti) provides an update on the latest news every Friday.

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Home electronics and IT enthusiasts in Finland.

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