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IT in Canada’s mandate is to provide in-depth analysis of the impact of technology on Canadian businesses. Our mission is to help business technology professionals drive business innovation. IT in Canada provides unparalleled coverage of the issues facing Canadian businesses today.

Our readers drive the IT machine in the Canadian marketplace. From C-level executives to IT managers, we’re a trusted advisor to Canada’s decision makers, and we provide a unique perspective on how to best use technology to improve productivity, contain costs and increase business efficiency.

IT in Canada completes the circle in the decision-making process of IT purchasing and implementation.

DIGITAL is the only integrated social media news network in Canada. The IT in Canada network is designed as an integrated source of information, trends, analysis and reports on the Canadian IT marketplace.

IT in Canada's market leadership stems from in-depth understanding of readership needs and interests via extensive research and ongoing dialog with readers. As a result, an intimate relationship with online readership has been established as well as one of the most extensive Canadian IT subscriber communities in Canada.

IT in Canada Channel - Dedicated Reseller section with 14,000 unique visitors per month.


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Decision makers responsible for the purchasing or implementation of IT products & services.

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