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It is a further development of the GEO concept for young target groups. GEOLINO is a logical preliminary stage to reading GEO.

GEOLINO is a general interest magazine.

The respected GEO quality in the optics and depth of the contents is exemplary. The layout, however, is clearly different than with GEO – it's more fitting for children. Articles from such areas as games, brain-teasers, handicrafts, whodunits, puzzles etc. extend the editorial contents, whilst service elements (posters, school time-tables etc.) round off the editorial concept.

GEOLINO is a balance between pure enjoyment and a broadening of horizons.
The entertaining, playfully likeable manner in which knowledge is transmitted – "Edutainment" – furthers a child's general knowledge without becoming "textbookish". The motto is learning by having fun.



Amazement, understanding, and fun –, a channel of, offers all this to boys and girls between eight and 15 years of age. At eye level with the users, the web editors explain science topics, give inspiring tips on doing handicrafts and experimenting, arrange photo or writing competitions, provide the space for youngsters in which to publish their travel experiences from foreign countries, provide information about what is going on in the world, introduce new books, films, and (computer) games, and host extensive forums. Thanks to this variety, GEOLINO is a brand that stands for quality web journalism, and is a trusted brand for parents.

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school age children, age 6 to 16.

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