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GEO was launched in 1976 as one of the most painstakingly produced print products in modern Germany. It continues to set standards for unmatched publishing quality. GEO was born out of – and remains until today – a vigorous and incomparable mixture of the power and magic of the photograph coupled with the indelible impact of meticulously researched articles.

GEO is preferred reading for the knowledge society.
GEO reports comprehensively, vividly and accurately on a wide thematic spectrum: from science, research and technology, to culture, society, business and ecology. GEO tells of events that push man to his limits: from Mount Everest to Antarctica. GEO also looks at man himself: in New York, Mogadishu, Shanghai and Damascus. GEO informs the reader about discoveries: in medicine, neural research, robotics and psychology. GEO describes concepts: in religion and in philosophy. As no other magazine, GEO addresses all of the topics that are on the agenda of today's global knowledge society.

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With its key fields of "science", "travel" and "photography", reflects some of the central competence areas of Germany's leading on-the-spot report magazine. Closely focused theme specials enhance its utility value. Knowledge tests, photo competitions, travel tips, newsletters and forums add to the wealth of the steadily growing site. Boxes in the print titles of the GEO magazine group and prominently placed links draw attention to additional content on is the portal for children in Internet. It offers kids a separate world of experience. This includes knowledge reports, tips on how to make different things, experiments and pinboards.
The GEO Travel Community is the ideal way to reach enthusiastic travellers and experienced Internet users with a targeted ad. Since it was first launched at the beginning of 2008, the GEO Travel Community has grown significantly and currently registers more than 1 million page impressions per month. For the first time, the GEO travel community now also offers the possibility of filtering the contents by region. You can bind new customers through our partner model:

For tour operators: You will have your own exclusive area in the GEO travel community with your own logo, in which your customers will be able to insert their travel content and share it with others. These designated travel reports will automatically be submitted to the GEO travel community and will thus promote your travel offers.

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GEO readers are extremely well educated, are in leading occupations and enjoy top incomes. They are in the uppermost socio-economic classes and are active consumers.

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