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GEO SAISON – the number one German travel magazine

GEO SAISON is the monthly travel magazine from GEO.
GEO SAISON's reporters and authors do their researching on the spot. They report accurately, comprehensively and with the same high journalistic standards that have made GEO magazine renowned around the world.

GEO SAISON presents travelling as a way of life.
GEO SAISON is a travel magazine that combines the joy of traveling with the pleasure of reading. The magazine stresses a tourism that neither destroys nor disturbs what it discovers, but rather treats persons from other cultures with tact and respect.

GEO SAISON gives practical advice and recommendations – for before, during and after the holiday.
GEO SAISON offers a variety of tourism and travel themes and destinations thats as wide as the world itself. Every issue contains travel information, recommendations, tips and advice.



GEO's travel community is a premium source of information for active travellers and Internet users with an interest in travel. is an interactive website with three main areas, titled "Join in", "Discover" and "Plan". The site offers possibilities to publish one's own travelogue and to view those of others for one's own travel planning purposes. Tips, photos and detailed suggestions for the selected destination are the ideal inspiration for the users' own holiday plans. is a lively Internet community and high-quality platform with a target group that is highly interested in the topic.

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Target Audience

The GEO SAISON readers are frequent and enthusiastic travellers. They take long-haul holiday trips three times more often than the average German.

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