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GEO is a premium discovery magazine with amazing photography and award-winning historical, geographical and ethnographic reports that make it the French reference for publishing excellence. GEO’s leadership remains unchallenged - the only magazine in France to achieve a large paid circulation with a high cover price. GEO travels around the world depicting its journeys through contemporary photography and journalism of the highest caliber. Authors and researchers report on national peculiarities and breathtaking worldwide discoveries from an absorbing and continually new perspective. Through a variety of editorial angles and investigative reports, GEO often digs beneath the surface to analyze the geographical significance and historical background of events linked to the earth itself and the beings that inhabit it.

The GEO brand was launched in Germany in 1976, France 1979, Spain 1986, Russia 1998, Italy 2005, and for the first time in magazine history, a simultaneous launch in 6 countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, and Turkey in October 2005.

Branded Products: Books, travel guides, calendars, CD and DVD collections. GEO’s collector issues are also published 4 times a year with specific themes dedicated to each issue.


DIGITAL is commited to adhering to the ethics of GEO magazine. The website features photos of the world's most beautiful places, as well as information and advice for destinations all over the world. Journalistic coverage includes ecological and social issues, international news, videos and exhibits.

The Voyages feature is an intuitive tool that guides users to a selection of destinations, information, photo slideshows and videos.

The Community Photos section offers users the chance to share photos and travel stories.

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Geo readers are extremely well educated, are in leading occupations and enjoy top incomes. They are in the uppermost socio-economic classes and are active consumers.

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