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Gala Germany


Gala is Germany's premium people magazine. Every week, Gala reports – seriously, competently and reliably – on prominent personalities from all over the world.

Gala means class. It stands for elegance, glamour and optical opulence. The large issue format, top quality paper and brilliant photos present the stars in a suitably exclusive environment.

Gala reaches premium readers. 46% are frequent shoppers, 75% value quality. (source: AWA 2015)

Gala stands for luxury. The readers are cosmopolitan and better-off; they don't merely like to read about luxury – they live it as well.

Gala has an ideal environment. Famous personalities and famous brand names – for fashion, beauty, watches and jewelry, wellness and lifestyle – are perfectly combined in Gala.


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Target Audience

Gala readers are a premium target group. With a successful mixture of people and trends, of publishing opulence and a large-scale issue size, GALA has become solidly established with a premium target group that not only likes to read about luxury, but is able to personally experience it as well. The readers are cosmopolitan, dedicated consumers, brandname oriented, and enjoy a high income. Major brandnames and major stars – a perfect combination for your media schedule.

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