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EO News is the first and only Italian digital magazine devoted to the professional electronics market. The magazine is the essential tool for people who want to keep pace with a market evolving at an ashtonishing rate. Up to the minute news, market analysis, and market leader opinions are the fundamental support for “decision-makers” of all markets. Close cooperation with the most prestigious Italian and foreign research & market analysis companies provides the quality and reliability of the information that readers want.


DIGITAL covers professional electronics, from semiconductor to test and measurement systems. News, products, articles, white papers, design ideas and exclusive documents will enrich the content carried by the online versions of the magazines Elettronica OggiEmbeddedEONews and verticals dedicated to EO Medical, Power EO and EO Lighting.

Represented In: US, Canada, Benelux, Scandinavia, UK





Target Audience

EO News reaches development managers, project leaders, engineering management, and general management in the electronics industry.

Magazine Circulation

34,171 digital


11x per year

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