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A small blue line on the pregnancy test changes your life: we're having a baby!

Emotions go on a roller-coaster ride: boundless joy – and the slight anxiety: what lies ahead of us now? How will it change our lives? What is good for our baby? And what is good for us? ELTERN guides parents through this exciting phase of their lives: with a wealth of practical information – from choosing a suitable pram to eating right – but mainly with emotional support. ELTERN authors know from their own experience how it feels not to get enough sleep, and why a cherry pit pillow can make a whole family happy. They know about the shopping urge that overcomes pregnant woman, and how touching it is to hear "Mommy" for the first time. They know that "working parent" often sounds more fancy than it is, and that there is no standard solution for all families – but there certainly is a solution for every one.

All this – plus advice from the most renowned experts on pregnancy, childbirth and education in Europe, our own correspondent in the United States and contacts to all leading scientists in Europe – makes ELTERN so unique. What's more: ELTERN takes a stance – as a lobbyist for families in Germany.


DIGITAL makes life easier for families. Parents-to-be, fledgling and experienced parents find everything they need here at any point in time from the first thought of getting a child to puberty. In all phases of life offers quick and expert advice with texts, images, videos and practical tools. Up-to-date contributions address topics which are important for families. is a unique family platform in Internet: It combines editorial content with the opportunity of exchange in more than 200 forums and a social network. Families can keep their photo album and a family blog there and thus inform relatives and friends of the latest events in their family life. They have the possibility of getting to know other families easily and quickly.

Social network and editorial content are closely linked in someone who wants information about toddlers, for instance, can find tips from the editors, watch a video, exchange ideas in the forum or organise a toddlers' play group in that part or town or through the family network.

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Eltern is read by German mothers who are Pregnant or who have young children.

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