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Eltern Family


There is much hullabaloo in a family with children aged 3 to 15. From the first day in kindergarten to the first love pangs – life can be quite a buzz sometimes, both for the children and the parents. Especially for the latter, life can be quite strenuous at times. This is when parents need understanding, consolation – and advice that is really useful.

ELTERN family offers all of this: competent advice from experienced parents and recognised experts, but also witty suggestions for a happy family life – and plenty of humour to master the challenges of everyday family life. Exciting personal stories told from the first-person perspective show mums and dads that they are not alone with their problems. Thrilling reports open up new perspectives, stylish DIY tips make life fun, and practical advice helps parents save time and money, and get to grips with the challenges of modern family life. ELTERN family offers a whole range of advice that can be implemented immediately: from tips on how to support children attending kindergarten, school tricks on the school pages, and many good ideas for spending leisure time with children, which can be found in the children's supplement Quix!

ELTERN family is like a good friend – full of understanding and always entertaining!



ELTERN FAMILY is the logical continuation of the content of ELTERN for parents with kids of pre-school or school age. gives help for all problems arising in the daily life of families and makes it possible to exchange views with other parents. presents information on subjects such as education and school, and gives practical tips for leisure time activities. users also have access to the wide-ranging offerings of

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