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Elettronica Oggi is the leading magazine in professional electronics -microprocessors, analogic and digital ICs, programmable logics, passive components and packaginginstrumentation, software and the new technologies that deeply impact every day life (biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, nanomaterials).

Elettronica Oggi is distributed through subscriptions and mailing lists. It is the first and only Italian magazine CSST and BVQi certified.

DIGITAL covers professional electronics, from semiconductor to test and measurement systems. News, products, articles, white papers, design ideas and exclusive documents will enrich the content carried by the online versions of the magazines Elettronica Oggi, Embedded, EONews and verticals dedicated to EO Medical, Power EO and EO Lighting.

Represented In: US, Canada, Benelux, Scandinavia, UK





Target Audience

Elettronica Oggi reaches design engineers, buyers, management, and research & development specialists in the electronics industry.

Magazine Circulation

9,004 + 34,312 digital


8x per year

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