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Elektronik is the media brand for design engineers and technical management. The bi-weekly technical journal Elektronik, the web service as well as the newsletter report about all aspects of industrial electronics. The editorial content ranges from components and devices to test & measurement and automation. It also covers communications technologies, hard- and software and computer aided design engineering, as well as manufacturing and testing.

The cross media brand Elektronik organizes sophisticated events such as wireless congress, ecodesign congress and automotive congress. Elektronik provides reliable and highly technical information which is why Elektronik has the highest paid-for circulation of all professional electronics titles in Europe today (IVW audited). Advertisements in Elektronik are regarded as useful information by its recipients.

Special Vertical Supplements

These periodic specials are bound separately and sent to highly targeted groups within the Elektronik subscriber base:

  • Elektronik wireless (1x per year) wireless technology news, reviews, and product information
  • Elektronik messen+testen (2x per year) special for industrial test and measurement
  • Elektronik distribution (1x per year) annual distribution special for design engineers and technical management
  • Elektronik industrial (1x per year) annual special focusing on semiconductors, safety/security, ethernet/wireless, and more
  • Elektronik components (1x per year) covers passive and electromechanical components
  • Elektronik embedded (1x per year) annual special covering embedded systems and components
  • Elektronik lighting (1x per year) annual special focusing on electronic devices that source, detect and control light.
  • Elektronik power (2x per year) annual special focusing on power in electronics
  • Elektronik reader's choice (1x per year) with reader-driven content in several categories focusing on the pressing topics on the developer's mind
  • Elektronik basics (1x per year) focusing on basic know-how for design engineers in several categories of electronics
  • Elektronik displays (1x per year) focusing on displays and the technologies in and around them

DIGITAL is by far the leading web service in the professional electronics segment in Germany.*‘s success is particularly justified by its content adjusted to its target group: developers, purchasers and managers in electronics. provides its users with news feeds, database supported listings, blogs, closed forums, whitepapers, webcasts and the useful newsletter.

Eleven competence centers (channels) offer tailor made information – from automotive, components, distribution and embedded to e-mechanics, opto and power. is particularly helpful with supplier and product searches. Purchasers and developers are able to access listings containing more than 10,000 suppliers of 700 product groups. offers pinpoint communication possibilities to advertisers: banner advertisement, sponsoring, newsletter advertisement, presentation of important dates, webcasts, whitepapers and many other formats help suppliers in electronics to increase their communication success.

*IVW Online

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Target Audience

Elektronik reaches design engineers and technical management.

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