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Elektronik Report is the professional magazine for developers and users of electronics.

Elektronik Report is the only purely Austrian specialist magazine for electronics in the market. Its content covers the entire spectrum of professional information requirements of the readership target group of developers and users of electronics.

Apart from the latest developments in electronics, Elektronik Report offers up-to-the-minute reports on economic trends in the national and international electronics markets and supports its readers in their professional environment through reports on topical management themes such as project-/process-management and continuing training.

A team of technical editors ensures top-notch reports; in addition, WEKA’s exceptional address quality guarantees that the specialist readership can be addressed with pinpoint precision.


DIGITAL compliments the magazine with in-depth exploration of topics and a range of advertising options including banners, newsletters and advertorials.

Represented in: US, Canada, UK, Netherlands





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Elektronik Report is the specialist journal for electronics and process automation.

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