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Electronic Technology is the publication specially published for the electronic industries, covering the latest electronics development, industrial news, technical information and product information. Sections include:

Electronic Technology

Introducing the newest electronic technology, industrial manufacturing, automation control and other applications in a concise format.

Computer Technology

Featuring an array of the latest computer technology and parts, software and computer languages, system engineering, multimedia development and both theory and applications.

TV Technology

Outlining topics concerning basic TV knowledge, latest broadcasting technology and a wide range of related topics including satellite TV, recording, TV sets, recorders, and camcorders.

AV Technology

Presenting useful information on audio basics, new technology, recording techniques and products, and A/V systems.

Practical Technology

The usage of Practical Technology with the inclusion of circuit design and repair, parts and components, choosing and usage of different machines and equipment, testing and measurement methods.

Components and Parts

Provides an all-around knowledge of the structures, theories, circuits and applications of semi-conductors, integrated circuits and other new parts and components.

Electronic Express

Presenting the "latest and hottest" products, news and market trends, from components to manufacturing equipment, to keep you in touch with the development of a global electronics industry and technology.

Communication Technology

Featuring all kinds of communication products and technology components like cable versus wireless, voice versus visual, and fixed line versus mobile.


Contains other information such as the global electronics exhibitions, seminars, show calendars, and an international website directory.


DIGITAL compliments the monthly magazine by offering the latest news within global electronics industry. Sections include Industrial Analysis, Enterprise Trends, Product Releases, Business Guide, and indexes of Products, Brands and Companies.

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Electronic Technology is a must read magazine for electronics technicians and component purchasers.

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