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Document Manager (DM) Magazine is dedicated to addressing the key issues behind successfully implementing document management,content management, workflows and e-business solutions. It is aimed at decision makers throughout the industry, including those of a non-technical background, who need incisive expert information on the following:

  • How to implement document management systems
  • How to cost-justify the investment
  • The different approaches and technologies available
  • The best solutions for their needs

Document Management is evolving at a faster rate than at any time since the beginning of the digital age.The industry has become extraordinarily diverse, from Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment to Content Management, from e-mail archives to digital signatures. New technologies are developing which are making DM one of the key enablers of the e-business age. DM is no longer just about scanning and managing paper documents (though we all know the paperless office is still a distant ideal!): more and more DM implementations involve electronic records, and of course web-enabled business has changed the way we all see 'documents'. DM Magazine is right at the forefront of reporting on these new business issues and the new solutions that go along with them, eg. forthcoming features will cover emerging technologies such as web content management and color imaging.



DIGITAL provides up-to-date and comprehensive news of interest to document management professionals. Sections include Features, Reviews, Interviews, and Case Studies. Advertising options range from banners, to sponsored product reviews, and both EDM and direct mail list rentals are available, as well as e-newsletter sponsorship opportunities.

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Document Manager reaches professionals responsible for the purchasing and implementing of document management, knowledge-management workflows and e-business solutions.

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