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Deal, The

Deal, The


The Deal (inserted into The Australian third Friday of every month, capital cities only) is about giving readers a new slant on business - one that looks behind the companies and the processes at the people, the challenges and the ideas that drive the nation's business sector. The Deal will go well beyond the usual daily and weekly business coverage to analyze, explain and seek out the newest trends and the most exciting and innovative people in business.

The Deal is for people who are interested in business, who are intrigued by the power and possibilities of the market and what it can deliver. It's for people who know they can't understand the world, without understanding the way business operates. It's for business people who want more than company reports and who are interested in how business fits into the whole society: it's for people who know they can't understand business, without understanding its context.

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The Deal is a business magazine appearing every third Friday within The Australian, reaching the general and upmarket population in Australia.

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