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Chip, Poland's longest running computer magazine, is a recognizable brand amongst fans of new technologies. Chip's readers are opinion leaders, and one in two chip readers advise others on purchases of computers and related products.

Chip is much more than just an IT magazine. Chip sets the trends, and builds an opinion-leading community. Readers buy it for its substantial content rather than an enclosed CD or a low price. Chip has built its loyal readership by consistently delivering excellent journalism and unbiased independent tests.


DIGITAL is one of the most popular and opinion-forming websites in Poland about modern technology. It is the only one that brings professional computer equipment rankings in Poland, as well as photographic and audio-video rankings, all of which include information about over 1000 devices. It is a source of information, practical tips and reliable tests.

Represented in: US, Canada, Europe except Poland





Target Audience

Chip is a magazine for young, active, educated people in Poland who are interested in technology and advise their friends on purchasing hardware and software.

Magazine Circulation

68,000 print run



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