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For more than four decades, Capital has been one of the leading business magazines for decision-makers in Germany – reputable, authoritative, independent and indispensable. Capital is the magazine to combine economic and political context, pointed commentary, investigative business stories and unconventional profiles with valuable information and analyses relating to personal finance.

Capital has impeccable sources, access to political and commercial leaders, and a high caliber team of journalists. Together they ensure that Capital delivers news and data, interviews and opinions in a form which gives the reader a broader perspective and practical applications.

Capital investment, property, tax and personal financial planning are covered thoroughly in every issue. Reportage, in-depth features and regular columns from respected commentators on every aspect of business management provide senior executives with an indispensable package of corporate knowhow and profitable advice.


DIGITAL caters to the information needs of modern decision-makers in terms of both topicality and in-depth treatment. A clear and up-to-date visual presentation enhances the sections politics, finance, real estate, companies. guide, cars and technology. With its soundly based and thoroughly researched analyses, the content of has a strong focus on the financial sector and informs its users about all forms of private investment. The new interactive Real Estate Compass is an add-on to the expertise of the editors. Other tools offer practical added value. In this way supplements the print magazine with decision-making aids that help users to ensure optimum management of their finances.

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Capital reaches senior executives and decision makers in the top echelons of industry, finance and politics in Germany.

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