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Capital is a unique and dynamic business magazine that brings together news and finance as one with sensible analyses of complex economic events, well researched behind-the scenes reports and practical advice on financial investments and successful management. Capital launched in 1991, and is by far the most widely read business magazine in France and Europe- the unchallenged market leader.

With its informative, practical, competent, understandable, independent and sometimes even a bit sassy approach, Capital has become the must-read for top executives across France. It has distinguished itself by providing serious and reliable investigative editorial in a visually stimulating, high impact layout: a new form of economic journalism that is very appealing to French executives.


DIGITAL keeps French executives informed with precise, in-depth information on the world of economics and and finance. The audience is 69.5% male, and the majority of readers are over 34 years of age; figures that demonstrate that this site reaches senior executives in France.

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Capital reaches senior executives and decision-makers in the top echelons of industry, finance and politics.

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