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Byte is an indispensable source of technical information for IT professionals in Russia. Byte covers a wide range of issues such as architecture of IT systems, internet and intranets, operating platforms, hardware and network equipment, system integration and data management, software development for various platforms and data security.

Editorial Topics:

  • Platforms and Solutions: enterprise level hardware, servers, storage systems
  • News and Events: Russian and world IT market news
  • Software: operation systems, enterprise management systems, electronic mail and groupware, internet/Intranet technologies, database servers, administration tools, and e-commerce
  • Development Environments: Programming, software development kits, and web programming
  • Network and Communications: LAN/WAN hardware, remote access, videoconferences, and VoIP, virtual networks and network integration
  • Communications Facilities: 3G mobile telecommunications, backbone network technologies, wire and optical communications systems, and wireless communications
  • Byte Lab: Chips, computer components and modules, information media, software - rating, comparative appraisal and analytics
  • Security: data security, security related issues and security tools, cryptography and anti-viruses.


The website is updated daily to provide the latest news from the IT industry. Advertising options include banners, white papers, and a weekly newsletter reaching 12,000 subscribers.

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Target Audience

Byte reaches corporate IT Specialists, System Administrators, IT Department Specialists, Software Developers and System Integrators in Russia.

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