Huson International Media

The Founders

The Founders


Ralph Lockwood, President

After stints at Kimberly-Clark and DHL, Ralph Lockwood joined the advertising sales business when he joined Reed Business International in the early 1980s. At Reed, Ralph was promoted to Managerial level after 2 years, and worked in the HQ in Sutton. Ralph co-founded and launched Huson International Media in September 1988.


Ralph moved from the UK to California in 1995 to set up and expand the business, including opening the New York office in 1999. Ralph also spearheaded the drive into new directions, such as Business, News, and Consumer publications as well as Domestic US representation.


Ralph is now sole owner of Huson Media in North America, and lives in San Jose.


About Us

The core business of Huson International Media is to represent publishers, and sell advertising space on their behalf.