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Renewable Energy Focus China




In a strategic editorial partnership with Elsevier’s Renewable Energy Focus, and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, Renewable Energy Focus China facilitates technology transfer by providing the latest developments in the selection, application, installation and maintenance of renewable energy materials, parts and machinery. The print magazines, Mobile Apps and digital e-magazines cover all aspects of renewable energy from design and production to installation and integration. It produces practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages. With in-depth coverage and incisive editorial on all areas of renewable energy, the magazine takes an objective look at Biomass and biogas, Fuel cells, Geothermal, Hydroelectricity, Photovoltaic, Solar architecture, Solar Thermal, Tidal and wave and Wind power.



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Target Audience

Manufacturing decision makers who plan the purchase of machinery, materials and execute manufacturing strategies, and plant managers who evaluate and make recommendations, R&D, scientists who create, test & evaluate product, government policy makers, as well as end users such as utilities and industrial manufacturers.

Magazine Circulation

15,475 +12,950 digital


3x per year

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5.39 million

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