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Since 1958, Industrie & Technologies magazine has served two critical functions for the industrial sector in France: the continuous monitoring of emerging technologies and their applications, and technology application information which makes it possible to benefit from innovative solutions adopted by leading companies. In 2009, the magazine launched a new formula including a redesign and clear division of information into three sections:

  • Technology Watch focusing on trends, in-depth technical topic features, and exploration of technical challenges
  • Implementation Experience offering practical advice on designing, building and organizing, as well as purchasing guides
  • Professional Background includes professional debates and features profiles of key engineers in the industry



More than an extension of the magazine, examines topics in-depth and includes pictures, videos, and graphics in its comprehensive coverage. This daily link with our readers is a platform for engineers to exchange information and has become a reader community. The content is further supplemented by two weekly newsletters: Design Center (sent on Thursday) and Industrie & Technologies Weekly Newsletter (sent on Tuesday).

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Industrie & Technologies reaches R&D, design decision-makers, production decision-makers, and managing directors of small to medium companies.

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